Our mission is to design and manufacture mixing Systems and components capable of treating different types of products (powders, granules, fibres, Pulps), in all sectors (food, chemical, plastics, construction, ecology, industry, lab, animal feed, pharmaceutical, cosmetics), under the banner of quality and service.

Working in Quality alongside our Partners consolidates our position and image on the national and international market.

The objectives we pursue are:

  • Continuously adapt and update the Quality Management System to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001 Standards
  • Pursue continuous improvement and pollution prevention through efficient operating and production management, optimising the resources used and respecting the legal requirements
  • Reduce the amount of waste produced, optimising production and the possibilities of recovery/reuse
  • Comply with the environmental, safety and hygiene regulations that are applicable to the activities carried out
  • Promote all initiatives to prevent the occurrence of incidents and relative injuries, which could compromise the health of workers and raise their awareness in reporting any near incidents
  • Provide resources, consistent with the budget available, necessary to ensure an appropriate integrated management system
  • Sensitise and inform all in-house employees and employees from external companies on the need to respect the safety and hygiene standards applicable to the activity
  • Pursue continuous improvement of safety management, including through preventive detection of risks associated with new or changed activities and setting targets to reduce them, in accordance with the development plans and the available budget, with continuous involvement of the Worker Safety Representative
  • Manage products and use procedures that guarantee worker safety
  • Satisfy the customer by integrating service quality to the fulfilment of product requirements
  • Improve flexibility and timeliness in the response to the market, promoting respect for customer requirements among workers
  • Manufacture products in compliance with the directives in target markets and especially with the 2014/34/EU and 2014/68/EU Directives,
    including through certifications of notified bodies
  • Streamline business processes by monitoring activities, updating procedures and training employees
  • Continuously design and innovate products with production methods that guarantee reliability and low costs


The values that reflect us are: perseverence, enthusiasm, individual and group commitment, supported by the virtue of ethics, legality, gratitude and environmental protection.

The Idea that has always inspired us is: "Semper et Ulterius Progredi", that is, always go further ...