panoramica mixer


In addition to current Certifications: 
ISO 9001: Quality Management System Certificate
TÜV IT 15 ATEX 055 X: EC-Type Examination Certificate 
TÜV IT 15 ATEX 062 Q: Production Quality Assurance Notification 
MIX is proud to announce that after a process of 
- reorganisation / staff training, 
- redevelopment / modernisation of production lines, 
- refurbishment of the areas dedicated to Research / Development / Laboratory Tests, 

it has obtained two new Certifications:

  • ISO 14001: System Certificate Environmental Management
  • ISO 45001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate

MIX is pleased to have dedicated and dedicate resources for environmental protection, occupational health and safety in the workplace.

By obtaining new Certifications, MIX is a leader among companies in the sector with regard to quality.

Special thanks goes to all those who have contributed to improving the system, and to those who will contribute to perfecting it.

Certificato ISO 14001
ISO 9001
ISO 45001
ISO 14001